Outlets Through Noise: Support The Victims of Domestic Abuse

I was on MySpace and came across this charity “Outlet Thru Noise.”

Outlets Through Noise is a charitable group founded by Justin Newman and Richard Casey (formerly of Bury Your Dead and now of I Don’t Even Care aka IDEC) to benefit children who are in domestic abuse shelters. Outlets Through Noise brings together a community of bands, athletes, and celebrities to benefit shelters who are in need of overhaul and funding. Most shelters are costly to maintain, and most of the money from grants and charities goes to the continual up-keep of the shelter. OTN wants to change the way shelters function by providing them with the latest technology, newest furniture, and higher end clothing for children in need.

Shelter transition for kids can be an awkward and painful time. Being taken out of a domestic violence or sexual abuse situation then thrust into a large home full of people can be intimidating and traumatic for children. According to the Domestic Violence Resource Center, most children in shelters feel responsible for the abuse develop low-self esteem, anger towards authority figures, and a belief that interpersonal relationships will always have some semblance of violence in them as a result.

The goal at OTN is to provide a positive and less intimidating experience. Each child receiving giveaways when they get to shelter; a brand new set of clothes from a sponsor; visits from positive celebrity role models to foster good morals and teach valuable lessons like team work and non-violent problem solving.

This is a really great cause. If you want to donate or learn more about this charity, check out the link HERE.

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