Lucero Video for "Johnny Davis"

Lucero commissioned a music video for each song on their upcoming record 1372 Overton Park– making 12 videos total. With each videographer’s level of experience ranged, some holding only handy-cams, others with years of training under their belt, the band sought out videographers with one thing in common: they’re all huge Lucero fans and wanted to make a video.

Robert Archer, a Southern California music producer of 8 years, shot a video for “Johnny Davis” that defines the “live fast, die young” motto often burned into the flesh of young rockers. Featuring original art by local tattoo artists, the video depicts a young man as he cruises the highway, receives a particularly bad ass tattoo, and ultimately meets his end in an unfair fight when his opponent pulls a gun.

The band will be premiering a new video every Thursday leading up to the release of 1372 Overton Park on October 6th. After the release date, the rest of the videos will be made available for fans to watch, share, and enjoy.

You can preorder 1372 Overton Park on Amazon and Lucero now!

Johnny Davis from Lucero on Vimeo.

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