Kinetic Stereokids Debuts "Product Memory" Video For New Single "Twisted Thoughts"

image002Kinetic Stereokids continues to earn accolades for its 2009 sophomore release, Kid Moves, not only for its tunes, which have earned comparisons to Beck, Mogwai, and the band’s cited influences of Can, Elliott Smith and The Beastie Boys, but also for the impressive videos that have accompanied the album’s singles for “Have A Nice Day” and now, “Twisted Thoughts.”

The latest video, “Twisted Thoughts,” explores the idea that companies could implant product memory into the minds of consumers. The clip opens with Kinetic Stereokids front man Justin Ford arriving at a nondescript laboratory testing facility, by way of a cryptic message on the back of a business card. Ford is subjected to a series of experimental treatments by a suspicious-looking team of white coat lab technicians that begin to alter his memories.

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