VMA’s Thoughts and Recap

Watching the pre-show I have realized that I haven’t watched MTV in a long while because I had no idea who are any of the VJ’s.

The MJ tribute was great. I loved the dancers and video montage. It gave me chills when Madonna gave her speech.

Russell Brand had a great entrance. I think that he’s funny but the rant about healthcare was kind of annoying.

Just when you thought Kayne West couldn’t get any more obnoxious he ambushes the stage and ruins Taylor Swifts speech for her first VMA.

Green Day winning for Best Rock Video, no suprise there, but they definitely were the most rock.

Lady Gaga’s performance was amazing. She surpasses herself with every performance. I thought the ending was awesome with the fake hanging.

I wonder if 3oh!3 is sick of singing that song yet?

Taylor Swifts subway performance was too staged for my taste, but I liked the singing outside the venue on the cab.

While Britney is a great pop artist, I felt that Cobra Starship had a fun video and should have won.

Green Day were good. Tre Cool looked tired. What was up with Billie Joe did not doing his own guitar solo? I wasn’t feeling his highlights either.

The New Moon trailer looks awesome. I’m really excited for this new movie. It looks a lot better than the first one. I’m so excited for it.

Beyonce is a great performer but I’m kind of sick of that song.

Muse was good.

Tyson Ritter looked really hot even though he was wearing body glitter.

Eminem is back with this awesome videos and they know by giving him Best Rap Video.

I liked the collaborations of the house band Wale and all the artists.

Saw multiple previews for the upcoming season of MTV’s  horribly addictive shows The City and The Hills. It won’t be the same without LC.

While, there were so many good artists, only one of them could win Best New Artists. Congrats to Lady Gaga!

P!nk’s  circus trapezing performance was great!

I have a lot of respect for Beyonce letting Taylor Swift give her speech after she won Best Video of the Year.

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys did a great rendition of “New York.”

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