Super Psyched For Brand New’s Daisy

Brand New was the soundtrack to my 4 years in college. From the moment I heard Your Favorite Weapon I was instantly hooked. The band’s sound has really evolved from that album and they keep churning out amazing music.  Deja Entendu was the soundtrack to my senior year. “Sic Transit Gloria” and “The Quiet Things That No One Knows” were the anthems during fall semester and spring semesters.

It was my friend’s 21st birthday and I remember “The Quiet Things That No One Knows” was playing in the background as she screamed out the window “It’s my birthday and I”m f***ing drunk.” The moment is marked in my memory whenever I hear the song. posted a Q&A with Jessie Lacey of Long Island rock band Brand New. They article talks about the progression of the bands music and the inspiration for the new album Daisy.

Check it out here!  The new album drops on September 22. Can’t wait!

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