Pick The Band To Be A Hot Mess

Target and The Black Eyed Peas Official Album Release Party

With the Plasticenes dropping off the Hot Mess Tour, Cobra Starship is looking for a new band to open the show.

CS is asking YOU to choose the band. There are no formal palls just leave a comment on Gabe’s blog telling them who you think would make opening act and Cobra Starship will pick a band based on that.

Here are the bands:
The Audition
Paper Tongues
Down With Webster
Zolof and the Rock and Roll Destroyer
Runner Runner
The Postelles
A Cursive Memory
2AM Club
Everybody Else
All Leather
Champagne Champagne
Hot Chelle Rae
Tina Parol
Young and Divine
Go Crash Audio
Days Difference
School Boy Humor
The Sunstreak
Love Sick Radio
Jonny Craig
Care Bears on Fire
Endless Hallway
Let’s Get It
The Urgency
Miss Derringer
Mercy Mercedes
We Shot The Moon
What Happened In Vegas
Kids Of Survival
The Flying Skulls
Suburban Legends
Seven Story Fall
Brian Bonz
Jonas Sees in Color

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