Rocking Under The Radar: My First Earthquake

Photo Courtesy of  My First Earthquake
Photo Courtesy of My First Earthquake

My First Earthquake is a four-piece electro-pop indie rock band from San Francisco, California.

Three of the four members attended Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, but they didn’t start playing music together until they each separately moved to San Francisco. Vocalist Rebecca Bortoman started out singing in a psych-metal band called Ice Queen. Chad Thornton was playing the accordion and phasing out of rock. He’d played in several bands and became friends with Rebecca through an acquaintance. After hearing some tracks of Rebecca singing over electronica beats, Chad convinced her to quit the Ice Queen and start a project with him. They found drummer Andre Salcido in a ad on Craigslist. For awhile they rehearsed as a trio, but then enlisted their friend Dave Leon after auditioning a few guitarists. Leon started playing shows with them and they recorded their first EP, Tremors.

My First Earthquake has cool funky, electronica dance rock tempos paired with humorous, quirky lyrics. They sound like a mix of Blondie and The B-52s.

Check out their single “Cool In The Cool Way” below. This song is off their debut album Downstairs. Get it now on My First Earthquake!

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