Asher Roth "Asleep In The Bread Aisle"

Photo Courtesy of SRC/Universal Motown
Photo Courtesy of SRC/Universal Motown

When I first heard about Asher Roth, it didn’t seem like there was a need for another white rapper, however, Roth proves he has a style and sound all his own.

I can’t get enough of his debut album Asleep In The Bread Aisle. It opens with the nursery rhyme, weed infused “Lark On My Go-Kart.” With this first track you get a sense of Roth. He is a young dude who is a little cocky, but also quite humorous. The self-assertive, weed toking, girl chasing lyrics placed against some kickin’ beats create a flow that is awesome.

The serious side of Roth comes out in “As I Em,” when he talks about criticisms faced by the industry and how he wants have cred in the rap game.

My favorite tracks are the booty shakin’ dance anthem “She Don’t Wanna Man” featuring Keri Hilson and “Be By Myself” featuring Cee-Lo. These songs have fun lyrics and a great beat.

This is a must buy!  The album is available now! Get it on Asher Roth!

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