Rocking Under The Radar: The August Infinity

The August Infinity
Photo Courtesy of The August Infinity

This week’s unsigned artist is The August Infinity.  The NYC band formed in the spring of 2007 when Joshua Hawksley met Ian Pierce and Stephen Sannicadandro after moving to NYC from Kentucky to pursue his dream of being a singer/songwriter. Pierce and Sannicandro had known each other being in the music scene and by chance had discovered Hawskley playing in the subway station. Captivated by his raw talent, Pierce introduced himself and the three guys started making music together.

Their music is a mix of of heavy drumming and distorted guitars paired with bleak, dismal lyrics creating an awesomely fierce and raw hard rock sound. Lead vocalist, Joshua Hawskey has an impressive range of vocals that add a real breadth of emotion to this music.

The band is currently finishing up their debut album Voices Of A Generation set for release early summer. Everything on the album was written, produced, recorded, and engineered solely by the band in their NYC apartments. Check them out now on MySpace!

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