Safe to Say Pardon the Introduction Album Review

Brett, Devan, Lowell, Ryan
Safe to Say Band Photo two guys sitting on a couch and two standing next to it | Eat Sleep Breathe Music

Pardon the Introduction is the sophomore full-length release from Bronx rock quartet, Safe to Say. A departure from their first release Wait & See, this album features more up tempo rock numbers with killer guitar riffs and catchy melodies.

Listening to this album you can feel the heart and soul the band has put into their music. It pairs the right amount powerhouse pop rock anthems with slower and emotionally, poignant ballads. Songs like “Latitudes,” “Mateo” and “Irrelevant” feature hard hitting, feel good rock elements, while “Girl On A London,” “The Weight of Waiting” and “Honeymoon in Hollywood” have more tender romantic feel.

Safe to Say’s ability to switch from high energy, pulsating rock to a softer and heartfelt sound, illustrates their unique versatility making them a great band. Whether you are in the mood to rock out or be mellow, this album can offer something for everyone.

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