Rocking Under The Radar: The Life I Lead

Kamil, Jay, Stan, Pawel, Steve
The Life I Lead is a group of guys with a complete DIY mentality. From everything to writing, producing, designing, and promotions, the quintet is in the thick of it and they do it quite well.

The band consisting of Jay Aquirre (vocals), Pawel Potapowicz (guitar), Steve Muskopf (bass), Stan Rapoport (drums), and Dan Salvaggio (guitar) have created a jubilant and exciting pop/rock sound through the use of exaggerated guitar riffs on top of light-hearted emotional lyrics.

The variable and heavy guitar riffs that open “Send Love” give the song an electrifying rock beat that delight and excite the listener. These catchy hooks are complemented by a heartfelt lyricism that you can’t get enough.

The thrashing guitars paired with the bouncy piano melodies on “Paint It Clear” create a fun, rock song coated with a tinge of something more.

With their infectious melodies and slick harmonization, they undeniably stand a part from the crowd. Check them out on MySpace and get their single “Paint it Clear” on The Life I Lead now!

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