Song of the Day: "Bathwater" by No Doubt

My VH1 Music Awards

I am so excited for the No Doubt tour.  Today’s song of the day is one of my all time favorite No Doubt songs Bathwater from the Return of Saturn CD circa April of 2000 when Gwen had the fabulous pink hair! 

No Doubt will be kicking off their tour on May 2nd at the Borgata in Atlantic City New Jersey and performing the Bamboozle on May 3rd.  

They will be playing the Adam and the Ants cover “Stand and Deliver” live for the first time ever at Bamboozle.  This is not their new single but a song that was recorded for No Doubts appearance on the show Gossip Girl where they will pose as the 80’s band Snowed Out.  

If you have never seen No Doubt get ready for an awesome show!  

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