Rocking Under The Radar: Cardiac Radio

Cardiac Radio Rocking under the Radar Feature | Eat Sleep Breathe Music
Photo Courtesy of Cardiac Radio

La Cross, Wisconsin based Cardiac Radio began in the basement of college roommates, singer/guitarist Dustin Oldenberg and bassist Mike Mike Shiek, during the fall of 2007. The two friends went on to expand the duo to a quartet by enlisting long time friend and drummer, Jeff Baylor along with guitarist, Andy Dillenburg.

Cardiac Radio’s self-titled 4 track EP is a dazzling mix of fast, gritty punk and strong back beat rock melodies. Lyrically this music is very positive exuding a message of being true to your self. Songs like “Blessing and Disguise” and “Never” feature infectious guitar riffs and drum beats which goes well with the lyrical theme of perseverance. I really like this band. Check them out on MySpace.

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