Rocking Under The Radar: Martian

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Martian is a four piece alternative rock band from Brick, NJ. After playing together in various bands throughout college, at the end of 2008 members: Drew Riley, Andrew Gallagher, Tanmay Buch, and Bill Reynolds came together to create a new music effort all their own.

Listening to their debut EP, M1, there is a cool, mellow, vibe that instantly takes over you. Each track has its own unique and intriguing sound that shows a wide range of musical stylings.  The opening track, “And Now…(the Difference)” starts off with the slow and steady drumming that quickly turns into rapid drum beats and guitar riffs paired with jarring piano melodies.

The rest of the EP continues to deliver awesomeness through both rocking and laid-back melodies creating an innovative musical experience. Songs like “Demonize” and “Monster” feature heavy rock interludes infused with upbeat piano melodies creating a distinct and captivating sound that you can’t help but be drawn to. This along with the quirky, dark lyrics, and distinct voice of the lead vocalist make for an interesting and entertaining EP. This band has a cool sound and is one of the greats to come out of the Garden State.

Check out Martian playing at Don Hills in NYC on March 22nd. Get their EP M1 here

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