Rocking Under The Radar: Cinema Bizarre

1289 Cinema Bizarre, the Berlin-based quintet features a musical fusion of Glam, New Wave, Electro, New Romantic and Rock.  As lead singer Strify explains, “Our sound stands for a big firework – musically and emotionally. We want to fascinate the people and lead them to another world with our songs.”

Along with Strify, Kiro, Yu, Shin and Luminor found each other on the internet – a series of chance emails and a shared love of “Visual Kei” the Japanese youth culture. It’s all about individuality, self development and rebellion and for many in Japan a way of showing the world that won’t be suppressed. The bond is natural. As bassist Kiro says, “Every one of us is fascinated with Visual Kei and it’s a part of us – together as a band, we’re taking it one step further and making something of our own out of it.” From cyberspace, they met up for the first time at a Manga/Anime convention and secured a record deal shortly after.

The band has had a lot of internet presence with their video for “Love Songs” having been viewed over a million times on and over 100,000 views of  the follow up single “Forever or Never” in its first week.

In January 2009 Cinema Bizarre was awarded the “European Border Breaker Award” for best selling debut album of a German band in Europe.

Their band is working on their second hit record toyZ which is scheduled for Q2 2009. Final Attraction is out. Get it on now on Cinema Bizarre - Final Attraction!

Lovesongs (They Kill Me) – Cinema Bizarre

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