Battle of the Bands This Past Weekend; Found A New Cool Band

This past weekend, I found myself at a Battle of the Bands at a bar on the Upper East Side.

Silver Spade was the first band to perform that night. They are a hard rock trio from Westchester and theBronx, NY. The guys were your typical rock bank with bandanna's and ripped jeans. When they started the sound was a little over powering for the small bar set up. They played well, but honestly the vocalist was drowned out by the heavy power chords and drumming.  You could tell they have potential but need to work on the balance of vocals and music.

The next band we saw, was an acoustic set who apologized because their drummer wasn't able to play the show. I didn't get a chance to catch their name. They sounded good in the beginning, but then I got kind of bored of them. They didn't really have that spark to keep my attention. Perhaps they are better with their drummer.

The third band to play was called Rattrap Bumpkin. This was a three-piece ensemble from Rockaway Beach, NY. They had a really interesting sound. They reminded me a of a mix Nirvana, with surf rock. It was really awesome. They played a good set. 

There were a bunch of bands that were scheduled to play after them but at that point we had to leave because we had other plans for the night, plus my ears were killing me. I hope I don't go deaf too early from seeing all these shows with loud music…lol

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