Massive Battle of the Agency Bands at Hudson Terrace

I was gonna post about this last week, but I”ve been so entranced by my New Kids weekend, that I couldn’t do it until now. So forgive me if this is old news. Last Wednesday, after going to a taping of next season’s America’s Next Top Model taping (which I must say was kind of a bore aside from the fact that I got to see Jay, Miss Jay, Nigel and the new female judge, whose name escapes me right now), and then we headed over to a Battle of the Agency Bands at Hudson Terrace.

This event which was sponsored by Massive had kind of a weak turn out due to the weather, but the event was really fun. Several bands battled for the coveted title by showing off their Guitar Hero skills. Yes, they were fake bands and they were pretty good at rocking out in the game.

I was rooting for the band from my agency but unfortunately, the band Uncle Jesse and the Guys in Spandex, at least i think that was their name had won. They were okay, but I thought there were some other bands that were a little better at the game.

At one point I had noticed that several people were getting pictures with this guy and when I got closer I noticed that it was Darryl “D.M.C.” Matthews McDaniels. Apparently he was one of the three judging the battle. Not knowing what to say I just tapped him on the shoulder and asked if I could get a picture. He obliged.

After awhile we realized that we were the last people there and it was time to go since the lights had come on and the waitstaff was standing around giving us looks. Before leaving we raided the room that had all the props and took a bunch of purple wigs (my friend is obsessed with the color), colored glasses and some plastic thing that I have no idea what its purpose was.

After leaving a little tipsy we retreated to a bar down the street which name I don’t remember. We had ordered these huge beer contraptions looked like a bong but had a spout and beer came out. It was a little ridiculous, but fun. There seemed to be some type of military ship in town becaues there were all these Marines at the bar. At one point later in the night one of them came over and hung out and started putting on the wigs. The next thing I noticed was that for some reason this guy had taken his shirt off to reveal this crazy snake tattoo that went all around his torso up to his chest. My friend was standing next to him and I just don’t know exactly what happened. At that point it was like almost 2 a.m. and I had to get home. It was a little crazy for a Wednesday.


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