Seventeen Magazine Rock -n- Style

This past Friday, Seventeen Magazine had their signature  Rock-n-Style Fashion Week event at the Highline Ballroom in NYC. It was really cool. There were live performances by Solange, Teddy Geiger, and Boys Like Girls. Additionally, in between sets there were fashion shows sponsored by South Pole and Converse. There was also a guest appearance by one of the winners from America’s Top Model. It was a like a mini concert. I had VIP tickets and was able to be up in the balcony where there we had a really good view of the show.

The show only lasted two hours so each set was lasted only a few songs. We got here in the middle of Solange’s set and don’t remember much of it. Teddy Geiger was mellow and I think they had said he was in he was in The Rocker. I wasn’t really feeling the music. Boys Like Girls headlined and they only played about four songs. They played “Hero/Heroine,” “Thunder,” “Dance Hall Drug,” and finished with the radio hit “The Great Escape.” I thought they were good live but at the same time I thought there were better songs off the CD that they should have played instead. Here is a video I found on YouTube from the show.

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