Alicia Keys; My First Concert in the Club Box at Madison Square Garden!

Tonight I was lucky enough to see the performance of Alicia Keys in a club box at MSG. I had never seen her play before and was looking forward to both the show and being in the box. We didn’t know how early to get there because the doors opened around 7:30 p.m., but when we arrived we realized we missed the opening act. I was a little disappointed because I wanted to see Jordin Sparks, but I’ll have to wait until next time.

I was really excited to be in the box with the comfortable seating, food, unlimited beverages, and our own personal bathroom. Lauren and I were a little disappointed by the fact that the other people in the box weren’t overly friendly. It was definitely a weird mix. There were a bunch of guys in business suits, some women dressed up and some other girls. The guys in the suits definitely stood out. I was surprised they were fans, or perhaps they weren’t but just happened to fall into tickets.

Watching the show from the booth was definitely something that I would like to experience again. Its nice being up and high where you get a great view of the entire stage and rest of the theatre. The set she had was really awesome. It had these big red lights where the band stood and then there was a ledge on top of the lights which the back up singers stood on. When the music played the lights flashed different colors. Then there was an opening where Alicia Keys came out. There were a bunch of set changes and she had three different pianos. The stage extended out into the crowd like a catwalk with a rounded end. There at the encore of the show a white piano came up and she played on.

Overall, I really enjoyed both the performance and my seats. I have to find out about how to get tickets in the club boxes. Check out two videos from the performance. It’s funny because in the one you can hear these people chatting it up…

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