The Spill Canvas Rocked Irving Plaza

Wednesday night The Spill Canvas played Irving Plaza with Sing It Loud, Ludo, and Steel Train. The show was really good. The new CD No Really, I’m Fine is a little harder than the other albums they had out before. The lead singer Nick Thomas has a great voice. They played a majority of the new album and some earlier songs. The mellower stuff reminds me of Dashboard Confessional especially when everyone in the crowd sings along.

Check out the video of “Connect the Dots” from the show. I really like this song. I got goose bumps when he played it…

Another interesting point in the show was when the singer of Sing It Loud made an announcement about how it was the key boardist’s birthday and now no one in the band was under 19. My friends and I turned to each other and laughed feeling like grandmas. Being over 21 at these shows makes me feel so old at these types of shows. I can’t help the fact that I like music that teenagers are into.

The other bands that played were good too. I especially liked Ludo and Sing it Loud. The guy from Ludo was really funny as a performer. During the show he kept stroking the guitar from top to bottom, it was hilarious. I liked their music a lot. The lead singer has a distinct voice and he’s a good entertainer. They were selling their CD for $5 bucks so I decided to pick it up since I liked their set. They were giving a free toothbrush with the purchase too which I though was an interesting marketing gimmick.

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