Song of the Day: “Tricks of Life Medley” by Dave Vamfer

Musician Dave Vamfer Playing the Guitar | Eat Sleep Breathe Music Feature
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Today’s song is “Tricks of Life Medley” by Dave Vamfer. This is the stage name of UK based singer-songwriter David Reggie Phillips.

Born in London, Vamfer where he lived until he moved to his present location in Folkestone, Kent, UK. Dave learned to play the guitar as a teenager and has been a keen amateur musician and songwriter ever since.

His musical journey started as a bass guitarist in a rock band before leaving school. He went on to become the lead singer and guitarist in the London based band Gallop which had a line-up of guitar, bass, sax and drums. Since ‘Gallop’ broke-up Dave has continued as a solo artist, occasionally teaming with other musicians in a duo or trio for live performance.

It was not until he took early retirement that he found the time to record music and created his first album Find The Sound which was published in 2020. Dave now concentrates on recording and writing, he rarely plays live anymore.

Though his musical styles run the gamut with everything from rock to EDM and hip hop, he says his “home” style is around light rock/blues, or jazz flavored pop.

This the first single and the title track off his upcoming 3 track album. This song has an uplifting rock/pop ballad with a solid message. It features jangly guitars, soothing sax and a snappy hooking chorus.

This song is also a nice reminder that life can have its up and downs. The important thing is to not let it get you down and be a negative experience. Understanding that things can go awry can help you face reality and learn how to mentally deal with upsets of life. He says

“I wrote ‘Tricks of Life’ about things that life appears to promise but that you eventually realize aren’t going to materialize. While it is about disappointment, I don’t see at as negative; it’s just about reality and dealing with it mentally. You Need A Little Kick’ (to move on) is pretty straightforward. It’s about times when something pushes you forward, sometimes uncomfortably.

In addition to music Dave also writes short stories and plays. Listen below and for more information check out their official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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