Song of the Day: “Turn It All Around” by Stevie Cornell

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Today’s song is “Turn It All Around” by Stevie Cornell. Hailing from Santa Rosa, California the singer songwriter has a musical warmth that features sweet guitar strings and enticing sadness.

This track is off his self-titled album out now via his label imprint Sonoma-Sonic Records

Listen below and for more information check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

About Stevie Cornell

Stevie Cornell is a singer-songwriter and multi instrumentalist who’s roots go back to the vibrant East Bay punk scene of the 1970s and a band called the Young Adults. The YAs were a popular live band but never released any vinyl. While they were in the middle of the early punk scene, they went against the grain by sporting cheesy leisure suits and long hair, and dared to play slow songs as well as more standard punk anthems like “Shut Your Fucking Mouth”. Former members went on to the Dead Kennedys and Wire Train…

In the 80s Stevie was a founding member of the Movie Stars, who were a top San Francisco Americana group in the late 80s and early 90s. The Movie Stars released two critically acclaimed albums, but never found commercial success in the exploding grunge era. After a brief stint on the road with John Wesley Harding in the early nineties he played pedal steel with the great retro country band Red Meat, before decamping to a tiny village in Vermont to take time off to raise a family. While there he taught guitar to lots of Vermont kids, including a young Noah Kahan, while still writing songs and performing locally.

Returning to California, he settled in Santa Rosa, where he is kicking off the second half of his musical career with the eponymous “Stevie Cornell” album. His eclectic approach to music is a result of the many twists and turns his musical journey has taken. But through it all he’s stayed true to the idea that you can say it all in a tight three minute song.

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