Unfortunately Steven “Life’s Too Expensive For Me” Video

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This is the latest video from Unfortunately Steven, the alias for the Los Angeles based multi-instrumentalist and lead vocalist Steven Ramirez.

Describing his sound as a combination of ‘indie rock, musical theater, psychedelia and the wall of sound’, this track is a sardonic number. Written back in 2017 the song can still be applied today as a cheeky nod to the current financial situation.

The video is just as fun with a whole cardboard set featuring Ramirez on piano along with artists and filmmakers Amy and Zach Pope.

It opens with jolly piano keys. When it comes to lyrics, Unfortunately Steven wears his heart on his sleeve. Like other songs on this album Ramirez was going through therapy when he wrote this tune. So while the upbeat sounds give this a happy feel there is a depth to the music with it’s serious and intense lyrics.

This duality makes it an interesting track to listen. It comes off his upcoming concept album entitled Groovy Avocado Disco due out May 6.

Watch below and for more information check out his Bandcamp and and Instagram pages.

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