Song of the Day: “INNOV8!” by NEMSIS

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Today’s song is “INNOV8!” by NEMSIS. The Los Angeles artist has released an inspiring and delectable track that will take you to a higher level all the while delivering some incredible beats.

You may know NEMESIS as one half of the California hip hop duo Pure Order. This group specializes in positivity, higher thinking, and head-banging beats.

Opening with those good early 90’s hip hop feel the song will take hold of you with its initial boom bap beats. NEMESIS comes in hard with her witty and slick rhyme scheme. All the while dropping some major knowledge with catchy sounds and meaningful lyrics.

The song is a statement for getting to a higher level mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. There is an alluring appeal to the track that will make you feel uplifted and start chanting along with the hypnotic chorus: “Thoughts plus beats equals INNOV8! and Grow!”

Listen below and for more information check out her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.


Nemesis’ aim is to entertain and uplift the hip hop culture creatively. The Los Angeles born emcee acquired her stage name, Nemesis, in the early 2000s as she honed her lyrical blade in battles and sessions on the schoolyard. The word nemesis is defined as an unconquerable opponent. So, finding disparity between the ideals that founded hip hop and the pop hip hop that degraded those ideals, Nemesis was emboldened to go worlds beyond mainstream hip hop lyrics, while still delivering the swag and entertainment value that popular hip hop garners. 

One of her most outstanding gifts is her ability to create song arrangements that make great beats become irresistible music to both the typical hip hop listener, as well as to those who have a taste for lyrical depth and clarity of content with their musical entertainment. Nemesis is what the future of conscious hip hop music looks and sounds like.

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