Episode 31: Wesley Black: A Smooth Culmination of Rap, Hip Hop and Guitars

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Today on the podcast we are featuring the Perth artist Wesley Black. Learn more about him and listen to his track “King of the World.”

Show Notes and Full Show Transcript

Hey everyone welcome to the Eat Sleep Breathe Music podcast. I am your host Jeanette Kimszal. For those of you just joining us this is the podcast where I talk about different musicians how their music affects me and then play there track for you to listen to. 

So you can check it out and form your own opinion. 

So today I am chatting about the Perth artist Wesley Black. And I must say I feel like such an idiot (laughting) because I was looking up where perth was cause I. I wasn’t sure I thought it was in Australia but I wasn’t 100 percent sure so I wound up Googling it. 

I mean I’m not a geography scholor or anything. I was interested in learning where Perth was and it turns out it was in western area of Australia. Which is pretty cool.

I always get excited when I get emails about like artists all over the world. It’s so cool how there is music all over the world and I always reamember from going to CMJ which stood for College Music Journal. 

Which was a magazine that was put out and there was a festival in NY every October where there was all these bands playing in NYC. 

And it was a big thing becuase I think it was a way for a lot of bands to get like notoriety and get on a label and find you know find people who were interested in working with them.

And just getting seen and known. It was a really great festival and it used to be in October every year and then I don’t know one year it was cancelled and then it came back online a couple years ago.

I just remember like there was always an Australian, Aussie, Like New Zealand kind of uhm, showcase.

And I just remember all those bands were always really great and I even remember one time when I went to south by southwest they had…I don’t know if I’m making this up but they also had an Aussie and I don’t now if I’m saying that right. Aussie/New Zealand kind of showcase.

And I know know but there is just something about music from Australia. And I think the last podcast I did is from Australia too. 

Ughm. I guess my short term memory is not good because I cannot remember (laughing) what I was talking about last week.

But it’s just exciting how we can have music….we can listen to so much music that’s just like all over the globe. I just excited when I get things from publicity people who are you know…have bands that are in like Europe or Australia. 

It makes me feel like “wow it’s so cool to like know people are seeing your blog out there.” You know it’s just   kind of makes the world so much smaller with like the internet. 

Without the internet I wouldn’t be doing this podcast, I wouldn’t have the blog. It’s really neat to see like how you can like feature music that is all over the world. 

But I digress on that. That was a long rant of random information about that but yeah when I listened to this track I was really excited about this.

This was a new artist for me I had not heard about them before I had gotten the information in my email.

And by the time this the track will be out on streaming platforms as well as right here on this blog. Not this blog but this podcast (laughing).

Yeah,  was I was interested in learning about Wesley and his music and everything about him. So I did some digging as I normally do on the podcat.

I was looking to find some background on him. And this track is very different from some of his earlier music.

He had a song out maybe last year or a while back. I found some blogs that were featuring his earlier track called “Better With You” and that seems to be more in the vein of this song.

Where as his earlier music seemed to be a lot more a lot heavy electronic/hip hop. I mean it was still good. I liked it. I was listening to his music online and I was digging it.

I thought it was cool. But it was different it was a little more hip hop and electronic. Like a little bit heavier. 

So if someone’s not really into like hard electronic they may not be into that. But it’s cool to see how his genre is  kind of expanding and he’s kind of changing his sound.

Not necessarily changing his sound but maybe expanding his sound and incorporating more genre’s into it. So ughm but yeah but this track I would say it’s got a little bit more guitar more instrumentation than the other tracks.

Which were a little more a totally a little heavier electronica feel. But I liked all of it. I kind of varied when it comes to my musical tastes and I tend to like things…maybe I’m not so critical about music and sometimes it makes me feel like I’m a bad like reviewer becuase I feel like “oh there is so much that I like” (laughing).

And I’m always like…very open and I try to  like just like everything and somtimes I’m like “am I horrible at this?”

I don’t know but I did like his stuff and we was getting a lot of praise too from the blogosphere which is pretty cool you know uhm. 

The song “Better With You” as wells as this song “King of the World” have gotten accolades from a lot of the interwebs and he was praised for the track “Better with You.” and he was featured in outlets like Buzz-Music, Cool Accidents, Ratings Game Music, Out Now Magazine, Today Influencers, Pilerats, AAA Backstage, and 27 Magazine just to name a few.

The thing that’s cool about this track in particular which kind of liked drawed, drew me and got me kind of excited was like the guitar piece and the kind of mix of guitar and hip/hop rap. 

You know he’s got a really heartfelt lyrics and melodies and it’s got this rap. And I don’t know if I would compare it 100 percent to like Machine Gun Kelly but it does have that like Machine Gune Kelly kind of feel to it. 

Where it’s like there is rapping mixed with the uhm the music of guitars of alternative and it’s got this really nice upbeat melody. But also like heartfelt and very love lorn lyrics. In the song he states that its a song written about 

“finding someone who can make you feel special, even in your darkest days. It’s about the time I felt weakest, and struggled to find anything of value in my life, until I found someone special. Somehow no matter how bad things got in my own world, I could always feel like the king of the world by her side, and I can only hope I did the same in return.” 

So that kind of says a lot about the song and basically how it’s kind of a heartfelt song and it’s similar to the track “Better With You.”

And it’s kind of a nice song and it’s got this kind of like uhm very open heavy with guitars and that really entices the listener atleast in my opinion.

I think it’s something that that will hook them in and the chorus as well is very catchy and sing along ability and it’s a very sing along type of song. 

And it’s got a nice mix of hip hop and accoustic. And it seems like there is a lot of that now. You know melding of genres where there is not just alternative music but there is alternative music and there is also hip hop elements and rapping.

And it’s kind of interesting to see how a lot of stuff is melding together. Not that this hasn’t been done before. You know there is rap metal in the 90’s and 200’s and nu metal and those types of things. 

And I would say this is a different because this is more of an appealing song to people who may not necessarily listen to nu metal or certain types of hip hop. 

It’s something that can branch out to a wide audience and I think it’s something that could be a popular and I think that’s why those artists that do get a lot of audience because it can appeal to people who are in different types of genres.

It opens the up mind of someone who may not necessarilty be into hip hop. And it also got that alternative and poppy vibe to  it which for people who like pop music and alternative music can enjoy.

So it’s got something for everybody basically and I think that’s why the track spoke to me and yeah.

But I just want to say if my voice sounds different it’s becuase I had a cold earlier this week and when I recorded the first half of this podcast when I was not sick and now I am so I am sorry if there is a weird shift in sounds on the podcast (laughing)

But I don’t know I wanted to address that in case it was a like a weird thing. But yeah, so I mean that’s how I felt about the song. I really did like it when I first heard the initial couple guitar strokes.

But I don’t know there is something about guitars that really just gets me haha.

However, I think I have talked enough about the track and now without further ado I will play for you the song “King of the World” by Wesley Black.

We would love to know what you think about Wesley Black and his latest track “King of the World.” You can tell us in a comment on the podcast webpage.

You can also leave an audio comment at link in the episode summary.

For more information on Wesley Black you can check out his official website https://www.WesleyBlackTv.com/ That is W-e-s-l-e-y-B-l-a-c-k-T-v dot com. You can also like him on Facebook and follow them on Instagram at the handle Wesley Black TV. That is W-e-s-l-e-y-B-l-a-c-k-T-V. 

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Thanks for listening and see you in the next episode!

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