“Honest (featuring Slayyyter)” Video by Peking Duk

 Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles from music group Peking Duk in a bed of roses | Eat Sleep Breathe Music

This is the latest track from the dance group Peking Duk. Made up of Canberra natives Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles. This Australian duo has sick and infectious beats that infect your soul.

It features vocals from hyperpop singer Slayyyter making it a sing-along, mind-melting party anthem.

If the track wasn’t enough to get your energy pumping there is a fun video accompanying the track that features colorful mountains, flying birds or maybe dinosaurs, a cartoon Peking Duk, and what I can only guess are cartoon images of Hyde and Styles running across the screen.

They produced and wrote the track alongside Australian dance music royalty KLP. The song was a result of a spontaneous collaboration between the musicians. Of this new release Peking Duk comments, 

“This song came together as a result of an impromptu jam we had after running 10ks and almost dying in the process. Heading straight into the studio we realized there was some fuego in the ideas we were recording and there was only one person to call to take it to the next level – KLP. We wrote the lyrics alongside the theme that the music created – A sweaty journey through thunder, mountaintops, marching to the drums, and chanting as we follow each other. Slayyyter was down to jump on board and add her vocals to the mix and we couldn’t be more stoked with the magic that we now get to share with the world. Play it loud and scream it proud.”

Watch below and for more information on Peking Duk check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok pages

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