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This is the latest video release from the NJ/New York-based artist. Emei makes sophisticated alternative pop that will delight and please the listener.

This video is a great compliment to the track. It opens with Emei literally getting “late to the party” with people passed out in the bathtub and red solo cups all over the floor. It then flashes back and forth between her playing beer pong and getting ready putting on makeup then dancing in her bedroom. She makes her way down the street to the party opens the door to the party. The video closes with her going in and shutting the door behind her.

According to Yale Daily News, Emei has been immersed in music since her parents bought her a pink laptop for her 9th birthday. Seeing their daughter’s talent her parents hired a vocal coach and she went on tour performing for Chinese-American communities around the Tri-State area.

Audiences loved her singing and it made her want to continue to pursue music. She continued to sing through middle school and at 15-years-old she put high school on hold and moved to Shanghai for a year where she placed third in “Chinese Idol” similar to the American Idol show.

She went on to perform all across China in shows and was a reality show host. After a year of performing, she returned home. Back to high school and still performing anywhere she could; dance groups and the lead in every school musical. She even traveled all around NJ for an all-state festival. When she was back stateside she also transitioned into a songwriter.

Emei always imagined her career in China and was gearing up to pursue a Light Fellowship in Beijing but COVID put the kibosh on her plans making her stay stateside. She then had wondered if she would be able to make it as a musician in America. It was the meeting of a young music producer named Lucas Slim that solidified her answer.

The two were introduced through a mutual friend and the two started working together. From their collaborations, the track “Late to the Party” was born.

Aside from garnering a large online following, Emei has been featured in the artist spotlight on AltRevue and has been called “a fresh badass against-the-grain attitude,” by Conversations About Her.

This is the follow-up track to her single Distracted. Watch below and for more information check out her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.

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