Song of the Day: “Last Chance” by SD17

TIm Haverman of SD17 wearing a black shirt holding a guitar

Today’s song is “Last Chance” by SD17. SD17 is the project from New Mexico and California-based group. SD17 is the brainchild of musician Tim Haverman.

Haverman’s musical journey began after purchasing a $20 guitar and amp from a garage sale. Inspired by 50s rock and modern metal influences including Elvis and AC/DC, Haverman decided to form his first band in the early 90s after spending seven years in the military. They played together until breaking up in the mid-’90’s.

After the band parted ways Haverman took a hiatus from the music scene until 2017 when he got back into writing. The next two years he felt it was time to gather some new talent and release material. Unfortunately, this was right before the pandemic hit.

However, he didn’t let the pandemic get the best of his plans. He was inspired by rock band Sammy Hagar and the Circle’s quarantine video and decided to use the lockdown as an opportunity to find gifted musicians online. What he came up with is a badass female singer by the name of Nyx and a wall of thunder from drummer Sam.

This track is the culmination of his quarantine musical efforts. The single features face-melting drum beats that surge with energy and infectious rock. This electrifying track will rock your day.

Listen below and for more information on SD17 check out their official website, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

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