Song of the Day: “Thanks For Something” by Ben Conley

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Today’s song is “Thanks For Something” by Ben Conley. Hailing from Los Angeles, California this Conley packs a punch of emotion with this new track.

Ben Conley was once told, “Music is the sound of emotions,” and realized he had never heard anything more true. Ben uses a wide range of musical influences to directly and honestly channel his life experiences into song; experiences that range from struggles with mental health and heartbreak to drug addiction and self-realization.

It hasn’t’ been all bad though, Ben has shown that despite what comes your way, you can still find the humor in life and have something to smile about. His music is raw like skin the funny bone. It hurts but also makes you laugh. It is this bold, confessional, and fun nature that makes him unique and worth taking a listen.

This latest track “Thanks for Something” chronicles a recent breakup. Showing his personal struggle yet still keeping an element of humor he says what most people come down from that relationship cloud where they think that person was their perfect match. About the song Conley says,

“This song was written a few days after a breakup. A sarcastic flip on saying, “Thanks for nothing”, this song details the hard and fast nature of the relationship and acknowledges the idealization the writer had towards his former partner.”

Though just 1 minute and 12 seconds, this song packs so much energy, heart, and emotion you feel like you’ve experienced the breakup yourself. Conley is angry and dropping F-bombs like nobody’s business. It’s loud, aggressive, and fast. Everything you love about punk music is this. It goes by fast but you’ll want to listen to it again.

The track is accompanied by a humorous video of him in the shower washing off his relationship.

Listen below and for more information check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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