Song of the Day: “Mirror” by Nonviolenze

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Today’s song is “Mirror” by Nonviolenze. Hailing from Houston, Texas Nonviolenze is made up of singer, songwriter Shri Baratan. Baratan founded Nonviolenze in 2012. It is a trademark of Ahimsa Creations, a music production corporation that integrates Music, Art & Poetry.

Nonviolenze’s mission is to produce music and art that expresses the challenges confronting humanity today. Nonviolenze engages its listeners on deep-rooted themes such as war, poverty, politics, human rights, psychology, philosophy, and spirituality.

He has an eclectic sound incorporating various genres spanning everything from blues and rock to jazz, fusion, and pop. He fuses east classical music with influences from artists like Pink Floyd, John McLaughlin, Jethro Tull, Yes, Al Jarreau, and Joni Mitchell.

“Mirror” has a duality to it that makes you think. It’s peaceful and thoughtful chords are sharply contrasted by the harsh and real lyrics. It is a song about owning up to what you really are when you look in the mirror. If you’re looking for some insightful and melodious music Nonviolenze is for you.

Nonviolenze says about the track, “The Cosmos is a Mirror that reflects the body (gross matter), mind (thought vibrations) and feelings (radiation). You cannot hide from the Cosmic Mirror for it knows your innermost feelings. Everything you perceive is a reflection of you. That which you exhibit ricochets right back to you. Give love and get love. Display fear and it returns as vampires. The Mirror continuously assorts the field of feelings bringing like-characters together. The happy hang out with the happy. The Angry gather and resent together. What a wonder this Cosmic Mirror. What’s inside’s, Outside.”

This month the video for the song premiered on Big Takeover saying, “Baratan sings of the foibles of humans, “anger, hatred jealousy, lust, and greed”, and cautions us to look in the mirror and make sure we’re not the ones embodying these detrimental qualities.”

“Mirror” is off his debut album Ghosts of War out now. Listen below and for more information check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

About Nonviolence and Shiri

With “Unity in Diversity” as its central theme, Nonviolenze’s repertoire facilitates a peaceful pathway to a harmonious society through “Nonviolence in thought, word, and deed”.

Nonviolenze renders a powerful message about Equality – a fundamental human right. Inequality leads to physical and psychological imbalance and triggers an uprising to level the playing field. Nonviolenze’s ultimate vision is to promote the understanding that “All is One”.

Shri’s journey as a musician and artist began in his early teens when he seized the opportunity to nurture & explore multiple dimensions of the creative force emanating from within him. His brainchild of a powerful painting accompanying each song has now become Nonviolenze’s hallmark giving his audiences an audio-visual listening experience.

Shri hails from India where his early performances as lead vocalist with the popular band “Down Sterling” won him substantial loyalty from his audiences. From there he expanded his horizons pivoting to the rock opera stage with the original super hit “Time is Yours”. His musical voyage continued with concerts for world peace – “A Musical Rally for Peace in Space”, “Summit Agenda”, and “No Sugar Tonight”.

Shri’s extraordinary three-octave vocal range and his innate ability to meld rock, jazz, and fusion is his trademark that renders him a unique composer and singer. His lyrics express a deep poetical philosophy of the world and of his own life experiences. He is well known for his complex yet melodious chord structures on the guitar that is singular to his style of playing.

Legendary artists such as Joni Mitchell, John McLaughlin, Jethro Tull, Yes, Al Jarreau, and the enduring music of Pink Floyd along with the exposure to eastern classical music have been his inspiring influences.

With his plethora of compositions, he continues to break boundaries with his vocal performances redefining the standards of the musical world. The mission of Nonviolenze has naturally evolved into education through entertainment and media using multiple integrated art forms.

Shri migrated to the United States for higher studies. With a double Master’s in Computer Science and Management, he currently is a corporate executive in Houston, Texas.

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