Song of the Day: “Still Feel Like I’m Losin’ You” by Harris Breyfogle

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Photo by Alissa Lise Wyle
Today’s song is “Still Feel Like I’m Losin’ You” by Harris Breyfogle. Hailing from Virginia Breyfogle is a singer, songwriter, and accomplished guitarist.

Music took precedence in Harris’s life from an early age. Dabbling with multiple instruments before choosing to become a guitar player he was inspired by the sounds of his father’s Fender and his guitar heroes (such as Eric Clapton).

Breyfogle attended Berklee College of Music and has created an eclectic soundscape with influences ranging from jazz, R&B, blues, pop, soul, and rock. He strives to create a unique and immersive atmosphere; the idea is to sink fans, not only into his songs and scenarios but into one’s own personal and intimate experience.

And that he has. Breyfogle’s music is inviting and warming to the listener. He has a sound that is easy listening but also tells a captivating story that can appeal to a wide variety of fans.

This track is off his upcoming full-length album Complexus, due out February 28, 2020. Complexus is an emotional timeline of Breyfogle’s relationship with his ex, exploring the journey to find closure through both tragedy and comfort.

There has been praise for his new record. Broken 8 Records called it “a landmark release filled with poignant lyrics and a wonderfully emotive flow.” Sax and Violins saying he has “…drastically expand his horizons” and “expresses his deepest feelings and emotions, through his voice, soothing guitar.

Listen below and for more information check out his Facebook, and Instagram pages.

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