Song of the Day: “The Stage of Aging” by Sam Miller

Sam Miller Stage of Aging Song of the Day | Eat Sleep Breathe Music
Today’s song is “The Stage of Aging” by Sam Miller.

Sam Miller is a man of unique talents. A rare musical soul who thrives in our modern day of synthesizers and microchips, but who would be equally content playing Bach fugues in a cathedral filled with orangutans. His musical output is driven by curiosity and exploration, noticeably lacking the self-aggrandizing spirit of so much pop music.

From the mysterious deserts of New Mexico, Miller is at once a songwriter, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He is a master storyteller, who walks a tightrope pitched between the beauty of life’s complexities and the abyss of the subconscious. His lyrics grow more dynamic and intriguing with each listen. An elegant love song is simultaneously a riddle that would tickle the ghost of Lewis Carroll.

This is the first single off of his upcoming album. Due out November 29th it is titled In One Place At A Time.

This is a fitting video for today since it is Halloween. This video features a vampiric Sam Miller doing things vampires do like drinking blood and playing the piano. Theatrics aside we think this is a top-notch track. It has nice piano melodies with a little bit of country feel against lovelorn lyrics that will instantly hook into the listener.

Watch below and for more information on Sam Miller check out his Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

The Stage of Aging from Sam Miller on Vimeo.

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