Song of the Day: “Dedication” by Dream System 8

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Today’s song is “Dedication” by Dream System 8. The Los Angeles duo combines the talents of music veterans Erica Elektra and David Klotz.

Originally the band started as a solo project for Klotz. “I was inspired when I started working on ‘Stranger Things’ in 2015 and first heard the score,” Klotz recalls. “I loved the sounds that the show’s composers created with synths. It was unlike anything I’d heard before in the world of film scoring.”

Klotz, who has been making records under various band names for years, starting in the mid-90’s as Fonda and most recently in 2016 as People and Stars, began plotting to make a record of pop songs based around the sound of these keyboards.

His first stop was eBay.

The first three synths Klotz bought are the main instruments heard on “Losing All of You,” the group’s debut single.

At this point in the story, Dream System 8 might be conjuring images of a Nick Rhodes-ian utopia where racks of gear stretch to the sky, surrounding an isolated man who looks absolutely perfect in an expensive linen suit and make-up.

The pair came together after matching on Tinder. However, instead of a romance, a band blossomed.

It was just what the music needed. Elektra’s lyrics and vocals take these tunes out of the atmosphere and ground them in feeling – heart-tugging and delivered with emotion – exposing the roots beneath these musical landscapes.

Their inspiration comes from groups including Vangelis, The Human League, Tangerine Dream, and Duran Duran along with the use of 1980’s synths created an authentic and natural-sounding pop song.

This track is off their debut album We Sleep Again (out via Minty Fresh). Early next month they will follow it up with a new single “I Like The Way That You Hold Me.”

As their name implies, their music invokes a dreamy atmosphere. They have a knack for creating a great casm of music. The contrast of upbeat melodies with heartbreaking lyrics is simply brilliant.

Listen below and for more information check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

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