Song of the Day: “So Say We All” by LANDROID

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Today’s song is “So Say We All” by LANDROID. The California duo consists of Cooper Gillespie (vocals, guitar, bass) and Greg Gordon (drums, sequences).

The pair are veteran performers who have traveled the world as professional musicians who now reside in Landers. The desert town has also been an inspiration for their band.

This track is off their album Imperial Dunes which takes its name from the largest mass of sand dunes in California. This location was also Jabba’s Palace in Return of the Jedi according to Gillepsie.

They have been compared to the likes of David Lynch, David Bowie, X, Cocteau Twins, William Blake, Blade Runner, Led Zeppelin, Buddy Rich, Portishead, Pink Floyd, Angela Carter, and the Ocean.

“So Say We Are” track hits the listener hard with its lush melodies that create a super sonic soundscape. Paired with hauntingly special vocals LANDROID have a sound that is lonesomely inviting just like the desert they call home.

Listen below and for more information check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

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