Song of the Day: “Alright By Me” by The Vice Rags

Today’s song is “Alright By Me” by The Vice Rags. The Asbury Park quartet formed a year ago after having played together since the early 90’s in bands like Kid With Man Head, Mars Needs Women, The Blakes, Readymade Breakup and The Anderson Counsel.Consisting of “two old high school sriends + two older high school friends + many bands between them” the band is made up of Paul Rosevear (guitar/vocals), Joe Chyb (drums), Jack Roberts (lead guitar) and Gay Elvis (bass).

This track is off their recent self-released album entitled Shut Up & Love Me which came out this past fall. The album was recorded by Parlor Mob/gods great Paul Ritchie at Insidious Sound Studio in Neptune, NJ.

Their Bandcamp page describes them as “…a rock n roll band that’s willing to give you the unvarnished truth, complete with three chords and a deadly hook, just the way you like it” and this couldn’t be more than true. They have an easy going alt rock sound that in true embody the heart and soul of a good ol’ old rock in roll sprit.

The band will be playing Skunkmello at Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 1) on January 12th (tickets) then at The Saint in Asbury Park on March 24th.

This week they were named “Record of the Week” by NJ Arts and you can hear why below.

For more information check out their Facebook, page.

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