Song of the Day: “Last Christmas” by Best Ex

Today’s song is “Last Christmas” by Best Ex. Formerly known as Candy Hearts acclaimed New Jersey indie-pop artist has delivered a holiday treat for fans in the form of a cover of Wham’s yuletide classic.

This is one of my favorite Christmas tracks. Best Ex vocalist/guitarist Mariel Loveland also is a fan of this 80’s classic hit. She says, “I chose “Last Christmas” because it’s one of those songs that makes you instantly happy, the second you hear it, unless you’re a grinch or something who hates Christmas music. But this even works on that level because it’s the anti-Christmas song. It’s heartbreaking and the love interest isn’t even likable. The person is described as little more than exceptionally cruel and cold. I’m also a sucker for ’80s camp and Hallmark Christmas movies, which is the stuff this song is made of. I wanted to keep those vibes in my version of the song while dirtying up that pristine pop sound a bit.”

Best Ex, formerly known as Candy Hearts, released their debut album, Ice Cream Anti Social (Alcopop Records), under the new moniker back in July. As Candy Hearts, the band previously released three critically praised, full-length albums and a string of EPs that helped the band amass a dedicated following around the world.

Best Ex are now signed to No Sleep Records, with plans to release additional music and announce touring in 2018.

Listen below and for more information check out her Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp pages.

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