Song of the Day: “War” by Mercy Weiss

Today’s song is “War” by Mercy Weiss. The Brooklyn based artist is an unsigned singer-songwriter with vocals of gold.

“War” was written after talking with two homeless drunk veterans at Union Square Park in New York City. The song is a collaboration with Christopher Pellnat, with background vocals by Erin Pellnat, of the Brooklyn band, Caretaker.

This isn’t the first time Weiss and Pellnat have collaborated. You can here more collaborations on her 2016 Mercy EP.
Christopher Pellnat, who wrote some of the songs, did production and recording, and played instruments. He sings a duet with Mercy on “A Torrent.”

With the first few notes of her beautiful golden voice I was instantly charmed with her music. Aside from her darling vocals, she has a humorous and entertaining style that makes the listener feel through the music. Her musical depth is shown through the array of musical styles: she plays everything from jazz and urban chill to indie folk and new wave retro disco.

Listen below and for more information check out her Instagram, and Bandcamp pages.

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