Sammy Kay Hits the Road Today

Sammy Kay is celebrating his third album on this tour. The album was recorded with Pete Steinkopk of the Bouncing Souls at Little Eden studio in Asbury park. Special guests also include Cory call (Arliss Nancy) and Northcote.

“We decided to keep this record untitled, mainly due to the only working title being “nothing comes from nothing” which is a line in a chorus on the record. That got shortened to simply “nothing” which basically got us thinking that this record just shouldn’t have a name. The record is my favorite thing I’ve done, and Pete and the boys just killed it. We’re not sure where it’s coming out yet, but it’s done, and hopefully it will be in your hands soon.” – Sammy Kay

Watch album teaser below and for more information on Sammy Key check out his official website.

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