Song of the Day: “Green Sugar” by Kikagaku Moyo

Today’s song is “Green Sugar” by Kikagaku Moyo. The Tokyo twosome meaning “geometric patterns” was formed in in the Summer of 2012 by Go Kurosawa and Tomo Katsurada.

The music is described by the band as psychedelic because it encompasses a broad spectrum of influence, but most importantly their music is about freedom of the mind and body and building a bridge between the supernatural and the present; improvisation is a key element to their sound.

Their influences range classical Indian music, Krautrock, Traditional Folk, and 70s Rock. It has a hazy feeling and makes you want to sit back and listen to the music take you away. It’s a great complement to this cloudy and lazy feeling day.

Listen below and for more information on Kikagaku Moyo check out their official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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