Song of the Day: “Probably Good” by Jim Wellman

Jim Wellman
Today’s song is “Probably Good” by Jim Wellman. Better known as one of the founding members of the famed 80’s group The Brand New Heavies. In the early 90’s Wellman branched out on his own. Now he is back with new music that evokes his dissent against fascism in this modern world.

The result is a stylish jazz inspired, funk-defied melodic sound. The soul fused melodies speak to the listen along with Wellman’s powerful message of social activism. This song is off his upcoming EP For the First Time out February 8, 2016. This EP is a preview of his upcoming Dawn to Dusk out February 29, 2016.

Listen below for more information on Jim Wellman check out his official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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