Song of the Day: “80 Years (Featuring Alex Moshe)” by Daniel Grinberg

Today’s song is “80 Years (featuring Alex Moshe)” by Daniel Grinberg. Hailing from Buenos Aires, he grew up with a passion for music, sciences, and technology able to repair electrical devices.

He developed developed an optical software capable of inputting music scores and transforming them into mathematic codes, which would enable automatic transcriptions and transpositions. Today he has his own technological enterprise which is a global leader in AR and AI. Through the years he continued pursuing his love of music by composing music for plays, as well as some electronic music, some jazz and instrumental tunes.

This song is off Grinberg’s latest project Short Stories. This song is a delicate gem of lovely pop ditty. The sweet vocals of Moshe make Grinberg’s pop rock to be engaging to any listener.

Listen below and for more information on Daniel Grinberg check out his official website and Facebook page

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