ESBM Interviews Jersey Shore Music Festival Co-Founder

The inaugural Jersey Shore Music & Arts Festival will take place on July 20, 2013 at FirstEnergy Park (BlueClaws Stadium) in Lakewood, New Jersey. The Jersey Shore Music Festival will be a one day event that will showcase over 50 of the best local bands here at the Jersey Shore, as well as some of the top national bands. Bands will range anywhere from rock to country bringing everyone together for a great day of music. In addition to being an all day music festival, it will also showcase over 200 of the Jersey Shore’s most talented artists, crafters, sculptors, jewelry makers, photographers, clothing designers, and other creative vendors. Also being featured will be some of the areas top restaurants and other businesses such as surf shops and other uniquely themed stores.

The festival was founded by Joe Ciano and Tyler Culley of the Jersey Shore Entertainment Group. The pair grew up at the Jersey Shore, spending their summers on the beach listening to some of the best bands the shore has to offer. Jersey Shore Entertainment Group was created with one goal: to bring back the local music scene. What better way to showcase local musical talent than to put on a festival in our own backyard? The Jersey Shore Music Festival is not only about local music; it is also about showcasing all of the local restaurants, craftspeople, and other businesses who call the Jersey Shore their home. We are committed to providing a safe, family environment while providing one of the best days of entertainment the Jersey Shore has to offer.

We here at ESB are really excited for this show. This week we were able to catch up with co-founder Joe Ciano. Read below to find out more about the upcoming concert and how it all came together:

ESBM: What inspired you to start the festival?
JC: : It’s an idea I’ve had for a while. I wanted to create an event where everyone can come together and listen to a diverse mix of music. Our local music scene here at the Jersey Shore is really beginning to take off. This event will allow everyone to witness that.

ESBM: What made you pick first energy park in Lakewood as the venue?
JC: : We wanted a venue that was easily accessible, yet still close to the beach. The stadium is approximately 3 minutes off the parkway and about 3 miles from the beach area. Also, the Blueclaws are one of our main family friendly attractions, and since we’re an all-ages event, we thought it would be a great partnership since the stadium has an incredible kids’ zone.

ESBM: How did you come up with the lineup for the festival?
JC: : We wanted to create a diverse line-up and set ourselves apart from many of the larger festivals. We have over 60 bands from our area and as far as our headliners, each one is different and attracts a different group of people. I think people are pleasantly surprised and extremely happy about the line-up.

ESBM: Where is your favorite place to see live music down at the jersey shore?
JC: : I love the smaller venues – The Stone Pony is probably one of my favorites. But at the same time, in the summer I love going to PNC, our local outdoor amphitheater. There’s just something about an outdoor concert.

ESBM: What are your aspirations for the festival?
JC: : I just hope that people come out and enjoy themselves. We have a plethora of great bands, plus artists and vendors. There truly is something for everyone.

ESBM: Which performers are you most looking forward to seeing?
JC: : All of our bands are great; it’d be so hard for me only to pick only a few.

ESBM: Are there plans to make this a annual festival as well as expanding to more than one day?
JC: : The festival is going to be an annual event. As far as expanding to more than one day, we are keeping our options open not only for next year, but for many years after.

ESBM: Any last words?
JC: : Keep your eyes and ears open. We have a lot of awesome stuff planned for the winter, and we will be making an announcement on more events in the next few weeks. Also, tickets are still available for this year’s Jersey Shore Music Festival, but only a limited amount remain… you shouldn’t wait till the last second!

For more information and tickets to this next weekend’s event check out the official website.

The Jersey Shore Music & Arts Festival is brought to you by Harrison Promotions and Management, Joe Ciano and Tyler Culley of the Jersey Shore Entertainment Group, and Halogen Media Works, LLC.

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