Pyyramids ‘Human Beings’

Pyyramids (yep, double ‘y’) offers up a supergroup of sorts, with Drea Smith [formerly] of He Say She Say and Tim Nordwind of OK Go. It seems like an odd pair, and that’s because it is, but that just makes the first listen all the more intriguing. It’s not as electronic-heavy as He Said, She Says and it’s definitely not the upbeat pop of OK Go. Instead, Pyyramids’ debut EP Human Beings unleashes a mysterious mix of haunting sounds and moody lyrics that you want to dance to (and sing along with, if only your voice sounded half as evocative as Smith’s).

Listen to “That Ain’t Right” to understand how this mix of oddities blends together. Smith’s voice drips over every word and hangs on, lingering well beyond expectations. It’s exciting to hear Nordwind’s talents front and center (beyond being ‘the guy with the bass and the beard,’ of course). Get in touch an hour after hearing it and try to tell me you still aren’t singing ‘…and I don’t want to break your hearttt’ in the back of your mind.

Final word: Get ready to clear some dust off your old journals because you’ll be in a 17-year-old state of mind when listening to Pyyramids’ temperamental expressions. Plus, check out the album art, it’s the simple kind of awesome meant to be appreciated.

For more information on Pyramids check out their official website.

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