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Young Empires is an electronic band that is great to listen to. They aren’t the stereotypical electronic band that has dubstep blasting in the background. It’s not house either. It’s a very relaxing, mellow sound. I was surprised to hear such a great sound from an electronic indie band.

“Spacedoubt” is the first song off the album. It is a trancy beat with trippy vocals. This song makes me want to drive along the beach with my windows down blasting music. “Dahle Disco” starts off with a metronome as the music gradually comes in. This song has a nice feel to it. It is trancy as well, but the beat picks up a little bit into the song, giving it an upbeat feel. The heavier electronic sounds make this song different and great at the same time.

Up next is the “Lucid Dream” trilogy. The first part is a really slow relaxing song that only lasts a short while. Its one of those songs that you would listen to as you’re falling asleep. The second part starts off with a great trance beat. The song keeps going strong until the third part comes in. The third part is a trance song as well, but the beat is more relaxing than the second parts. As the song ends, the sound gets softer and more relaxing, as if a dream were just ending. This trilogy is great to listen to because the title describes exactly what it sounds like. A lucid dream.

“Sunkissed” is a song that is interesting. It reminds me a little bit of songs off of Radiohead’s Kid A album because of all the weird noises happening at once mixed with echoed vocals. This song is great because it is truly different than everything else on the album.

“Osaka” is the last song off of the album and its something I didn’t quite expect. It starts off like almost all of their other songs; an eerie intro with a soft beat. The song then crescendos into a great hapy song that you want to dance to. The electronic beats are more happy and danceable than the other beats. It is a great way to close off their album.

Young Empires hit the nose on the head with this one. They created an album that ingeniously mixes indie with trance; something I’ve never quite heard before. These guys took me by surprise with their sound. If you are someone that likes indie, electronic, or different music, you should give these guys a listen because they do not disappoint.

For more information on Young Empires check out their official website, MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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  1. You’re right to sing the praises of the band, Young Empires! Too bad you didn’t review THEIR EP. None of the songs you list are theirs. Check out their MySpace page. You’ll be delightfully surprised, and then you can rewrite your review!

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