Set It Free Album Review

Set It Free and their self-titled album are great. They mix up the metal and hardcore genres but use clean vocals instead of screams. It makes it seem 80’sish. Its a new kind of heavy when using clean vocals.

“Home Alive” starts off the album. The first thing coming through my mind is some awesome metal music with screams. Instead I get a clean Escape The Fate sounding band. I was taken off guard because the music is so heavy, but as I kept on listening, it grew on me. I can no longer picture this song with screams being good

“Forget The Past” starts off as what seems to be a wall-of-death type song. It quickly turns into a catchy song. This is one of the catchiest heavy songs I have heard in a very long time. I am happy to hear a band that can do it so well and often.

“Everything In Motion” is a very alternative rock song. This is a song I can picture hearing playing in people’s headphones and on the radio. Its simple and catchy. Not only that, but it is less heavy than all other songs. “What Is This Love” continues on the less-heavy feel of the album. Starting with angelic instrumentation followed by peaceful drumming, this song is not what I expected this album to end with. It is a very different feel. Going from what I expected to hear screaming, a song like this reminds me of A Day To Remember’s albums. They always seem to sneak in a softer song on their records.

Set It Free uses a lot of diversity on their self-titled album. Sounding like Escape The Fate and A Day To Remember, this band is well on their way to playing big shows. They have a great sound that is very easy to get into. I promise you this, you will be surprised by what you hear on this album.

For more information on Set It Free check out their Facebook page.

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