Electric Touch ‘Don’t Stop’ Album Review

Electric Touch is a catchy, dance/pop band that really makes you wanna move. Comparable to bands like Family Force 5, Forever The Sickest Kids, and Bloc Party, Electric Touch really kicks off their EP with “Don’t Stop.”

“Don’t Stop” makes you wanna get moving from the start. The beat and the chorus are just killer. “Magnetic” is another song that doesn’t stop. From beat one these songs make you wanna stop being lazy and dance around with your friends.

“Dominoes” is a song that starts off soft and slow. Its one of those songs you wave your lighter to. Once the chorus hits, a great sing-along comes in. You want to pout your heart and soul into this slow and electric song. “Do It Again” goes back to Electric Touch’s natural sound. Catchy and fun. Whilst this song is more pop punk, it is one of those songs that just fits. It closes out the album telling the listeners they’re not all about the synthesizers. A head bopper, “Do It Again” is a fantastic way to end off the album.

Electric Touch is a band I highly recommend listening to. There is never a dull moment while listening to them. They are way to fun and catchy. Its almost as if you learn the lyrics the first time listening.

For more information on Electric Touch check out their official website, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter pages. Get Don’t Stop now on iTunes!

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