1 thought on “01/14/12 – Nicole Atkins – The Press Room – Asbury Park, NJ”

  1. Post super bowl sunday.I went to the Press room to not only enjoy Sandy Mack and Sonny Kenn and their All-Star jam bandbut to also see what the new owners had done to the space that was Asbury Blues.On both counts one could not ask for anything more.The Press room was rocking.Dozens dancing.Many eating.All and all a club that will have a major impact on the ”Asbury Park Music Scene.” I had the pleasure to meet one of the owners”Tim”and he definitely has the vision that will not only satisfy “us” with great atmosphere but with the music that will “Satisfy our SOUL.”It is a winner on all accounts!!                                                                                                              Lloyd-R  “Jersey Shore Jazz Blues Foundation”

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