Currents Album Review

Currents is a band that uses power chords to make their music work. They are a very melodic band that incorporates power chords and drum fills. It almost makes them sound metal. Their music is fast moving and ready to rock.

Their self-titled EP is a short one, but a very intriguing one. The beginnings of the songs make it seem like your about to get stuck in a mosh pit of sound and never escape, but Currents comes through with very melodic sounds during their verses and choruses.

“What Big Teeth You Have” is a song that starts off with straight up, in your face power cords. It goes straight into the melodic beauty of their band.
“L Is For Lush” is a kick in the teeth. The intro makes you wanna jump around and kick things. As the verse starts, the drumming sticks to the crazy fills while the guitar makes the music a lot more welcoming. This is a fantastic song; you get the best of both worlds. Metal moshing and poppy choruses.
This band isn’t all about the heavy sound, though. “Chase The Sun” is a laid back song that you can’t help to bang your head ever so softly too.

Currents are making moves with their self-titled release. Look out for them at shows because you will enjoy them. They have a little bit of everything, and can only get better at this point. And so the current will take Currents into a place of jamming and awesomeness that will melt your mind.

For more information on Currents check out their official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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