Be a part of a Hawthorne Heights New Music Video!

Hawthorne Heights is working on a video for their song “OCEANS” and we need YOUR help. “OCEANS” is about missing a loved one who has been deployed. They want to include videos from the fans. Send us a short video of you holding up a picture of your friend or family member that’s deployed and tell us a little about them and how you miss them. If you happen to be deployed, send us video of you holding up a picture of your family or loved one back home.

All videos must be shot in HD (iPhone and Android video cameras work good enough for this)
Videos must be shot horizontally (vertically shot videos will not be used)
Videos must be shot against a solid and plain background
Film yourself for 30 seconds – talk for 15 seconds about your loved one and say nothing for the remaining 15 seconds.

Email your video to:

By submitting your video, you are giving them permission to use your voice and image as part of this video and promotions for our song “Oceans” and our album “Hate”.

For more information on Hawthorne Heights check out their Facebook and MySpace pages.

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