The Felice Brothers: Making Country Music Cool

The Felice Brothers: Making Country Music Cool

Alternative rock has been undergoing a bit of a revolution lately, it has embraced two other subgenres, electronica and folk. The Felice Brothers are the latter, and a damn good latter at that. While the group from New York features a bit more of a country sound than fellow folk-rock band Mumford and Sons their sound is no less refined. Their latest album, Celebration, Florida doesn’t invoke much of the feel of the super sanitary suburb found near Disney World that it’s named after. Rather, the album takes the listener into more southern regions, while still maintaining the group’s metropolitan roots. Many songs take a country and folk base while adding in little hints of rock flare, this is probably the band’s top asset, blending the genres so seamlessly on a single song.

Lead singer, Ian Felice’s vocals ring straight to the heart on every song. Whether on deeper soulful songs like “Oliver Stone” or the more upbeat, “Fire at the Pageant” he never takes a song off, and neither do the rest of his band mates. Each song carries on for several minutes without getting old, which is really impressive given that none of the group’s songs are short. The beauty of each song being so great on its own is both the albums strongest feature, and its curse. It is so easy to simply listen to one song and then move on with the rest of your day. “Honda Civic” the albums third track can satiate nearly anyone’s musical appetite, which doesn’t exactly leave one begging for the next song. Top to bottom, the album is insanely impressive, 11 songs that are all excellent, my only advice to the group for next time? Stop making all your songs so good, honestly, it’s overwhelming.

For more information on The Felice Brothers, check out their official website. Get now Celebration, Floridai now on iTunes.

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